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Moom offers personalized women’s health supplements backed by expert recommendations to support the mind and body.

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June 2021
June 2021
Mili Kale
Maya Kale
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At the age of 15, Maya (co-founder), was diagnosed with PCOS and was immediately put on the BC pill to manage the most pronounced side effect of PCOS- regulating her periods. While the pill solved that issue, what her doctors forgot to address were the plethora of side effects that came along with the pill. 10 years later, countless visits to every type of medical practitioner under the sun, and after spending far too much money, Maya was able to get off the pill and support her PCOS with a curated set of natural supplements and lifestyle changes! Similarly, at the age of 27, Mili was hit hard with hormonal acne and immediately put on Roaccutane. After having seen what these hardcore prescription drugs did to her sister, she too decided to spend the time, effort, and money to figure out a more natural path to address the root cause of her skin issues. It took time, but it was worth it! As time went on and we spoke to more and more women and navigated our our own personal journeys, we realised we weren’t alone and that we were so fortunate to have the ability to find these alternative solutions. Moom was born out of conversation, personal experience, and the need for more relevant, accessible, researched solutions. Moom creates natural remedies for the modern Asian woman. We formulate supplements with experts that combine ancient tradition with modern scientific practice, based on the needs of our generation. We formulate supplements with experts that combine ancient tradition with modern scientific practice, based on the needs of our generation. We are female focussed (but don't discriminate- men can Moom too); expert backed (we have worked with 8 medical practitioners on our quiz and recommendation logic, as well as our formulations and have a permanent advisory board consisting of a naturopath, nutritionist, and Ayurvedic specialist; community-driven (we ran a beta for 6 months and have now formed a 'close friends' group of 100 women who get BTS access to our formulation, testing, development, etc... ; and are accessible (in regards to our convenient packaging, high quality and cost effective supplements, and educational and empowerment efforts)! Ultimately, we aim to be the the go to supplement source for the modern Asian woman!
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