MommaBear Organics

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MommaBear makes organic delicious tasting homeopathic lollipops for small discomfort

MommaBear Organics Reviews

MommaBear Organics reviews


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2 reviews

a year ago

I suffer from nausea and vertigo and these lollipops have helped me a lot in reducing that feeling, mostly when I am in the car or traveling. They taste good and are good to carry on the go. I recently bought elderberry lollies and they have some pieces of elderberry. They are great and taste delicious.

a year ago

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I tend to get nauseous during flights, but then I discovered MommaBear! What a delight! With natural ingredients and a fun way to keep my nausea out of sight - I love their lollipops. I would 100% recommend this product. Can’t wait to try their elderberry flavor!