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McConnell's Fine Ice Creams make hand-crafted, speciality ice cream.

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19 days ago

Top 5 best ice cream makers in the US. I said it. Their consistency is always 100 - whether in stores on in pints - and their flavors are *chef's kiss* perfection. Their branding is clean, simple but fun, and they just know how to do ice cream.

5 months ago

McConnell's ice cream doesn't need my review. Its quality speaks for itself. Occasionally, I like to spend an extra dollar or two on "higher" end ice cream and McConnell's is the one I gravitate to. They do the classics perfectly (vanilla bean, coffee) and their specialties are incredible (chocolate, chocolate, chocolate?! cmon!) I dream about it often and when I finish I pint, I regret eating so quickly. The price is higher than your typical grocery store ice cream but simply put, it's absolutely worth it. I highly recommend finding it stores, it's more expensive online and Safeway tends to have it on sale.

4 months ago

The Turkish Coffee flavor hands down is my favorite, most addictive ice cream to eat in the summer! Little flecks of coffee are infused into the creamy cold base. When I don't feel like I need more caffeine on top of my caffeine - or when I prefer to share my ice cream with my kid, I reach for the Eureka Lemon and Marionberries flavor which tastes almost exactly like a lemon/blueberry cheesecake, just colder and better on a hot summer day. (Which we're getting a lot of this year!)

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9 months ago

McConnell's is my absolute favorite spot to get a sundae. Their ice cream is rich and the flavors are super yummy. Not overly sweet and doesn't feel like it's chemical-y or artificial. They also have a wide range of tastes. Definitely worth the money.

9 months ago

One of the all time best ice creams! I always judge an ice cream brand by their vanilla, and McConnell’s has the ULTIMATE vanilla ice cream. You HAVE to try it.