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Los Angeles Apparel designs a range of basics apparel for all genders.

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1 review

2 months ago

Can't believe no one thought to review Dov Charney's resurrected personal brand. Been to the warehouse in South Central and the dude was super helpful, rang up hubby's purchase and gave him an extra discount because it was his birthday and they're birthday twins. I was an old-school AA wearer and miss the cuts and (at the time) well-made innovative fabrics all made in the USA....from first feel, LA Apparel is pretty decent but there is less access to capital so the product is a little more hearty/hardy and coarse-feeling, however many of the old blends and textures are back. It will last you a good while and the patina/sheen/wear it will develop will be great in 2-3 years. I don't care about the financial or personal scandals...Dov is a thoughtful innovator in t-shirts and basics, and respect to him for building a fully made-in-USA business model and company that (initially) became wildly successful (RIP AA, fuck you Gildan) and as an 80s baby, I like the nostalgic aesthetic. Let's be real: in a time of fast fashion, SHEIN and absolute crap out there, making a consumer-commitment to proudly buying "Made in U.S.A.", and supporting domestic manufacturing, labour, sourcing and textile production is awesome. The product I tried held up pretty well and I am going to buy more. Love that the t-shirts are shrink free, the men's swim trunks are pretty durable, and I liked the socks (although unisex socks may trouble women with feet smaller than 8.5-9....but wide feet people will enjoy the socks). Will be testing the underwear next. I'm switching all my clothing to 'made in USA' quality because I'm tired of mass-mall brands and the shit quality that comes with outsourcing clothing production to Bangladesh or other low-quality countries that produce volume at low labour prices. We actually have to think about what we consume/wear and what value and utility our everyday clothing/uniform gives us, and what we demand in return...we can't mindlessly just keep consuming cheap/fast fashion. Buy USA, support LA Apparel and other ethical manufacturers who give hard-working Americans jobs, and help to keep your money in the country. I say this as a non-American whose country is in the sh%tter because we are a service economy and no longer manufacture anything :( I will probably be buying more LAA goods and items as I find the value great for the price, and durability.