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Lelo designs a range pleasure objects and accessories.


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6 months ago

Unfortunately my experience wasnt very positive. I'm not new to the style of the device I purchased, and it's so over-the-top powerful that its unusable. It's disappointing to spend so much money on a product that clearly needed some additional fine-tuning (I regrettably only found out about others' similar experiences after the fact.) The look and feel of the product and packaging is great, but it's sadly a very expensive and racy paperweight at this point since (understandably) returns are not possible.

a month ago

I ordered the SONA™ Black about 2 years ago and it's been working great and as intended! Unfortunately it recently stopped working, will not hold a charge. It starts blinking when I plug it in but it doesn't work. Fortunately Lelo offers a warranty so I've submitted a claim. I will update with more info when I hear back! Edit: Customer service was so helpful with the 10 year warranty quality guarantee and I was able to purchase another item (up to 5 in an order!) at a discounted rate!

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a year ago

So good! They work very well.


Not for beginners at this price point.

a year ago

I was gifted a Lelo bridal set as a bachelorette party gift and the couples massager kicked off with the greatest orgasm of my life, so I will say these products deliver.


They are not cheap!

9 months ago

Love my lelo products!


Wouldn’t suggest this brand for new explorers. The price point is v high, especially if you don’t know what you like.

a year ago

Truly a luxury experience! Everything I’ve ever bought from this brand has been fantastic. I’ve bought toys from multiple brands and this one is far and away my favorite. Their customer service is second to none, I had to get one of my toys replaced and it was hassle free and a pretty quick turnaround.


I wish they offered some kind of upgrade program since the toys are so expensive. Like if you send your old toy back to be recycled, they will send you a discount code for a new one. Or you pay the difference to get the newest model of that toy.