Le Prunier

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Le Prunier makes a high quality beauty oil and sunscreen using a blend of organic plums.

Le Prunier Reviews

Le Prunier reviews


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4 reviews

2 years ago

Admittedly, I tried this after Chrissy Teigan posted that she loved how this made her skin feel. I have been using this ever since and I'm still hooked. In the summer, I use this only at night to rehydrate my skin while I sleep. It is a little heavy to wear during the day in the summer months. However, I love to use this daily in the winter and in addition to my winter face cream at night. The smell is amazing, almost almond-y which I love.


Honestly, I love this product as is. The only issue that I run into from time to time is that the container tends to slowly leak when traveling.

3 years ago

I received a small bottle of the plum oil in my Petit Vour beauty box and it was my favorite thing! I live in Michigan and have dry skin that gets even dryer in the winter, not to mentioned windburned after snowboarding. This oil is the best moisturizer I've ever used and so soothing!

2 years ago

Received a free product from Le Prunier

This oil gives my skin the most perfect glow - that people have actually complimented me on while on zooms! I also recently tried the sunscreen - GAME. CHANGER. Both products are super light weight, sink in really nicely, and the oil has a gorgeous natural scent. The SPF is the first one I've ever used that doesn't feel like a chore and ideal for daily use. I love that it's working to protect my skin from sun damage while also providing skincare benefits to fight my hyperpigmentation.


I love that they are using aluminum packaging! As I near the end of my SPF I may utilize a key from another aluminum product to help make sure I get every bit of the last drop.

2 years ago

Quality product -- my 55+ mom and all of her friends are hooked on this and told me it will preserve my youth. ;)


Expensive, wish price point could come down a bit!