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Klora makes a single prebiotic and postbiotic supplement focused on restoring balance for your gut, mind, and body.

Klora Reviews

Klora reviews


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5 reviews

9 months ago

Okay, so the first couple of months on Klora I was ALL IN. My stomach seemed to be happier (more regular bm's, and easier to "go"). Loved the packaging (yay glass!) But at about month 5-6ish, things took a turn. My tummy seemed to suddenly have stronger reactions than normal to my trigger foods (I have iBS and certain types of FODMAPS are no-go's to me), and even when I was eating normally (non-triggers) things seemed to be ROUGH in the bathroom. Painful, unpleasant. I can't recommend this brand. I don't know what happened at the 5 month mark, but it went from COOL! YAY! to "OH noooooo".

2 years ago

Influencer for Klora

Gut health is so important and something I've struggled with my entire life, I am so happy I found Klora - they are about to change the game!! Sharing with my whole network and friends.


Truly, don't have anything I can think of that needs improvement. They nailed this product.

2 years ago

Invested in Klora

I use both products religiously. The gut renew by Klora is what I credit with solving my years of leaky gut syndrome which progressed into awful symptoms such as brain fog, fatigue, bloating, weight gain, and loss of self confidence. I have been taking it every day now for a 1.5 years and literally cannot live without it. Especially on days where I know I am not eating cleanest, it is nice to know that gut renew will do its part. I use the bloat digest before any bigg-er meal or when eating red meats. it is simple - IT WORKS! You can eat your favorite foods and not get bloated. no brainer!

2 years ago

Works for Klora

Life has been a little challenging having hypothyroidism because one of the issues I have is constant bloating whenever I eat my favorite foods and it's such a pain! I recently began taking Bloat-Digest and it's SUCH a game changer! I'm able to enjoy my favorite foods without feeling yucky. Gut health is so important in all aspects. I'm really glad Klora exists and I'm much more happier since taking it ❤️🥰

2 years ago

Works for Klora

I’m a foodie but I suffer from extreme bloating (I suspect I may have a gluten intolerance) but the bloat-digest formula has done wonders for me! I take it with me anytime i know I’m going to indulge in something yummy. Bonus is it’s vegan (I’m vegetarian)! Definitely recommend if you love food but hurt afterwards 😂