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Kindroot makes plant-based lozenges featuring adaptogens to relax your mind and body.

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Kindroot Reviews


I have tried the sleep lozenges and I love them! They actually help me to feel tired and they taste great. Also, they suggest taking them 30 minutes before bed which is perfect timing to get one, do your bedtime routine including brushing teeth and by then you'll be feeling sleepy and ready for bed!

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2 months ago

The sleep lozenges gently lull you to sleep, but it’s not very practical. It takes a few minutes for them to melt completely in your mouth. During that time, you can get kind bored, which can make you feel tired, then sleepy. So having to go to the bathroom and brush your teeth (because I believe these do have some sugar) is a little disruptive to my nighttime routine. I found that I had to really plan my evening around taking these and it just wasn’t as convenient as popping a supplement and being done with it. If you’re on a plan or somewhere where you need to take a nap, these might work.


Maybe a different medium might be better, like fizzy tablets that dissolve quickly in water. Just not something that takes forever to ingest.

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4 months ago

I loved the taste of Kindroot but didn't really feel like I had any overwhelming feelings of relaxation or benefits. Regardless, I'd still use them as they're delicious!

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5 months ago