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Joco sells reusable glass cups that benefit the planet.

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7 days ago

I love this glasses, but if your want to order replacement 16 oz glass you have to wait 2 years and I am still waiting. I had several eMails with the company. It is very frustrating. I hope one day they will provide what they say.

Joco Glass 16 oz

3 years ago

Delivery was really quick. I broke my up only a few days after it arrived (left it on the roof of my car. Not pretty) and the new glass I ordered arrived really quickly! It's a beautiful colour and I love the interchangeable openings for the lid. The glass straws are beautiful and I use them almost every day with other containers and drinks. I haven't yet used the travel straw, but I know I'm covered when I do.

3 years ago

I got this at a Package Free Shop pop up at the mall. I love the feel and look of this glass.


It is not well insulated, nor is it completely spill-proof.

3 years ago

I bought the Joco Roll Straw in the 10" size. The straw comes packaged in a compact silicon container no larger than a makeup cotton wipe, which makes for easy storage on the go. You can also hook the container onto your key ring for convenience. I'm excited about the storage element of the straw. As a huge coffee drinker who hates the idea of getting coffee stained teeth, I've resorted to using stainless steel metal straws in the past. The problem has been storage... there is no graceful way to glad-wrap metal straws and carry them in your bag lol (and straws don't fit in clutches). I think Joco's straw will be a game changer for when I'm out and about and wanting coffee. The straw is made from silicon - sustainable, reusable, and free of the nasty toxins that sometimes come with plastic. No funny taste either & not hot to the touch like metal straws are. The straw is meant to be compatible with Joco's reusable coffee cup, but I didn't order the cup - the straw works well enough on its own too with any sort of tall-ish cup. I'm a big fan of Joco's commitment to sustainability!


The silicon container + straw came delivered in a plain cardboard envelope, without additional packaging. Environmentally friendly, but printed instructions on cleaning the straw or general care could have been helpful. I wasn't able to find these instructions on Joco's website. The straw stays bent after unfurling it, and the straw hole is flat, not circular. However, this didn't change my coffee drinking experience. Getting the straw rolled up and back into the container after use took two tries as it's a small fit.