Jah Mama Sauce

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Jah Mama Sauce adds some spice to any dish featuring its homemade scotch bonnet pepper sauce recipe and Carribean flavors.

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North America
May 2021
Altadena, USA
Founder attributes
Black-founded, Latinx-founded
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About Jah Mama Sauce
A unique twist on a family scotch bonnet pepper sauce recipe, Jah Mama Sauce is the perfect addition to any dish that needs some extra spice, Carribean flavor, and most importantly, soul.
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🀝Friends with Jah Mama Sauce

This is the hot sauce that just goes with everything, and makes everything better. Spicy but not too spicy. I have a lot of hot sauces but if I had to choose just one, that would be it. I also love the story behind it!



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6 days ago