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Hippeas makes a range of plant-based puffs and chips.

Hippeas Reviews

Hippeas reviews


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6 reviews

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13 days ago

I've liked both flavors I've tried from this brand. They're not groundbreaking, but they are decent for the price. I like that these only have good ingredients in them.

Vegan White CheddarNacho Vibes

4 days ago

I was recently introduced to Hippeas, and I'm obsessed! I used to love Cheetos puffs as a kid but always knew they weren't the most nutrient rich snack option. As an adult, I love that Hippeas' chickpea puffs are vegan and gluten free. The vegan white cheddar puffs are my fave. I've also tried their sea salt & lime tortilla chips, and they were also amazing. I don't fully follow a vegan or gluten free lifestyle but I love discovering healthier alternatives when it comes to snacks. Perfect for movie nights, entertaining, or just to have around the house. I've also heard really good things about their sriracha puffs, which I'm looking forward to trying!

Vegan White CheddarSea Salt & Lime Tortilla Chips

3 months ago

I think my family is one of Hippeas' largest supporters- we have about 7 bags of the white cheddar in our pantry right now. The flavors are great, they're vegan, and they provide the crunch that other snacks do but with more nutrition benefits.

2 months ago

I love this little chickpea snack! So much flavor and the crunch... can't stop eating them. One way to get your beans!

Hippeas cheddar

3 months ago

Hippeas are my favorite "healthy" snack, hands down. Like, I buy and eat these weekly. White Cheddar is fantastic, Sriracha Sunshine is a great second. They're deliciously crunchy and super flavorful. It's the perfect "healthy" replacement for my Cheetos obsession. Every time I bring them somewhere to share as a snack, people are shocked by how good they are. Shocked they haven't blown up more!