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Hey Harper makes waterproof jewelry that wont lose the color

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2 reviews

4 months ago

I love this jewelry brand! I've had a few of their necklaces for over two years, one I wear daily. They don't tarnish, are easily adjustable, and hold up. One thing I don't like is the chain length that hangs in the back... it's a little irritating because of how long mine are, but it was easy to remove with some pliers once I found the length I liked the most.

a year ago

I've gotten 5 or 6 pieces of jewelry (necklaces, a bracelet and two rings) from this brand and worn them every day for 1.5+ years. The jewelry hasn't tarnished through showers or workouts. It is a great budget alternative for gold or silver jewelry. The unboxing is adorable - cute pouches and shinny little boxes. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a more affordable longer lasting jewelry option.