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Happy Mammoth creates personalized gut and hormone health supplements using natural formulas.


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a month ago

Purchased a 3-pack of Happy Hormone's Complete Gut Repair powder and have been drinking it in shakes/coffee every morning for about one month (roughly 27 days, accidentally missed 1-2 days). I did notice a change in my tummy discomfort/bloating level since introducing the powder to my routine. I don't have diagnosed IBS but know of certain food intolerances that can activate my bloating/gas/constipation and since taking it, I feel quicker relief and don't feel my stomach as painfully stiff and distended as it can get if I consumed something that would activate my intolerance reactions. With the Vanilla Bean flavour, it works very well with morning protein shakes post-gym or even as a sweetener to coffee, without being overly sugary. When I've taken it with just water, I find it overly fizzy so much prefer the previous methods of ingesting. Overall, will continue to take the product but content with having introduced it to my diet. No strong feedback on how it's affected skin/hair/nails, it's not why I initially started taking it though I'm sure the collagen helps. A funny but legitimate observation, my partner started taking it as well and we've noticed much less odour to any gas they pass, and they're much more "regular" since taking Gut Repair. All this to say, something's working!

The Complete Gut Repair