Happy Hour

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Happy Hour makes a refreshing low calorie alcoholic seltzer, made from just tequila and juice.

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Happy Hour Reviews

Happy Hour reviews

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57 reviews

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2 years ago

This is such an amazing selzter option. Not only is it made with real tequila instead of a malt, it tastes so good. Has so much flavor!

9 months ago

The tequila grapefruit “Paloma” is good! First tried it at The Greek Theater while at The National Show… Let’s just say, couldn’t have just one, two or three. Hell, I even recommended it the day after… Yep that good!

3 years ago

Love grapefruit! Will be repurchasing. I'm sure it goes without saying but you should drink it chilled. I have never had a tequila-based seltzer and this is going to be a constant in my kitchen.

8 months ago

I had the passion fruit happy hour this weekend and it was delicious! I was a bit disappointed when I got up to order because I saw that there was tequila in their seltzer, and I didn’t want to drink hard alcohol, but I decided to order it anyway. It was delicious!! I couldn’t even tell there was tequila in it. The only downside was that it was incredibly expensive. I was at a concert so I’m sure prices were inflated, but I couldn’t believe that I spent about $20 on a can of this! I’m hoping it is much, much cheaper at the store.

Happy Hour Passionfruit Tequila Seltzer

a year ago

omg best seltzer I've ever tasted in my life. the passionfruit flavor!!!!

a year ago

I think that happy hour canned cocktails are really great. The flavor is nice, the packaging is cute, and so far I have not experienced any hang over! (I’ve maxed out on 3 cans). My only critique is that the stevia flavor is very present as an aftertaste and I personally am not a huge stevia sweetener fan. If you enjoy stevia you will certainly like happy hours beverages. So far the passion fruit has been my favorite flavor. Decent product!

2 years ago

It tasted really good! Love the idea of a tequila seltzer!


I think that more events in San Francisco and outside of just LA in general would be great!

9 months ago

These are my favorite canned cocktails! I love tequila and these actually taste really good - not too sweet. Plus the packaging is cute.

2 years ago

I love this seltzer! First, the packaging and overall branding is top-notch, then you drink it and are instantly happier. The flavors are not too sweet and have the perfect mix of alcohol and juice—a beautiful combination. Every time I try them I decide a new flavor is my favorite, so I guess I love them all equally. Most of all I love the team, they are very responsive and their interaction with consumers is seen all over LA.


More flavors! I love them all but now I want to love even more.

2 years ago

These are so good! I tried a variety pack and all the flavors were equally good. These are the perfect poolside drink, and it's surprising how low-cal they are for how good they taste. I purchased online, but would love to see them in retailers soon!