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Glow Botanica makes topical supplements to treat hormonal imbalances for all ages.

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2 years ago

I’ve been using their Tummy Butter since January, my PMS have vanished! It truly works, very easy to apply, easy addition to my evening routine (I put it on my inner wrists!). I love the scent as well, no synthetic fragrance, and only the good stuff in this jar.

2 years ago

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Oh wow - this brand is incredible. The Tummy Butter is so rich and creamy. I use it when I have PMS, but recently brought it work and have been using it as a calming body butter when needed. I'm obsessed.

2 years ago

I started using Tummy Butter a few weeks ago, and I'm obsessed! I suffer from terrible cramps and ovarian cysts, and to add to all, I'm allergic to anti-inflammatory medication, so ibuprofen is a no-no for me. Tummy Butter has been working like a charm. I'm excited about how my symptoms keep improving!

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a year ago

I love this product and the mission of this company! The product smells amazing, is the perfect thickness, makes me feel great, and improves my energy levels.

2 years ago

Friends with Glow Botanica

I think the cream is revolutionary as its a natural product, easy to apply, healthy and with great benefits


for now my experience has been great

2 years ago

Have been using the Tummy Butter for over a month now and have already noticed a difference in the severity and even presence of period symptoms, ever since getting an IUD I've had pretty horrible bloating and breast soreness. The thermal pad has been AMAZING for cramps, and I've even used it after storing in the freezer for lower back and knee pain! Threw it in my carryon for my last trip!