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Glob makes reusable, packable bags from 100% recycled polyester ripstop.

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2 years ago

I have the Morph and Shift Ripstop bags. I really like that these fold up nicely and are not bulky. They're really great for traveling or running around the city. I keep one on me at all times to help cut down on using paper/plastics bags when shopping

2 years ago

Perfect farmer's market bag with all the compartments and great that it packs down to a smaller size so you can throw it in your purse when not in use. I also love all of the colors!

7 months ago

The morph bag is the BEST grocery shopping bag (especially if you're not driving to the store). The compartments keep everything separated so nothing gets squished, and the shoulder straps are comfy. Great to wander around a farmers market with or on day out too!

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2 years ago

My friend was consulting for Glob and sent me a few bags to try. INSTANT OBSESSION. The colors are so fun and the design on the bags is phenomenal. I love the mesh bag for shopping around the city and their bag "The Long Haul" has become an essential for almost everything I do. It has little sub-sections on the side of the main part of the bag, allowing for items to be segmented. Like, for example, when I go to the grocery store I put heavy items in the middle and fragile items (like fruit) on the side, so my lil blueberries feel protected. This is also the perfect beach bag for the same reason... towels in the middle... cans of seltzer, sunscreen, and shades in the little sections. I literally take this bag on every trip I go on because it's so travel-friendly (it scrunches up into a tiny little ball and it's virtually weightless). I've sent this bag to my friend who just had a baby. I'm a true convert lol.


I'm not sure if this is a product flaw or just because I've used the bag so much... but it tore at the seam after extended use. To be fair, I lug a lot of heavy stuff around, but would like to see a more durable version for hardcore living haha. (I re-bought the same back, fwiw).