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Gardyn creates simple, no mess, indoor gardens powered by wifi to produce fresh, nutritious harvests at home.

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We purchased the Gardyn about 5 months ago. Here is the summary of my experience so far: 1. Set up - 2 person job and should take about a hour if all parts are working. It took me longer because I had to troubleshoot why one of the lights was not working. (see customer support note below) 2. Customer Support - Overall their customer success was responsive and good. I have had to contact them a couple of times: A) Upon set up, one of the wiring harnesses for the lights was not working. I had to troubleshoot the process and this took me a couple more hours during the set-up process. I knew the problem and after a few back and forths with customer support, they sent me a new lid. B) About 30% of my ycubes never sprouted. I put in a ticket and they credited my account for additional ycubes 3. General comments - A) Great conversation piece and decorative element. B) Great learning experience for family. It does take some work to maintain, although it is not overwhelming. Definitely easier than an outside garden. C) It grows herbs and leafy greens well, but not "fruiting plants". There is only so much of this our family of 5 can consume so we end up not using much of it. D) After awhile, you find out what plants work for you and your family will consume. Once you figure this out, you get into a cadence of knowing what plants to put in the nursery at the right time so you will have a continuous supply of the things you use. It takes some advance planning, but if done right, we found that our family of 5 is consuming more greens. E) If you think you will buy this and save money at the grocery store, think again. We have found that it is not any less (and possibly more expensive) then buying at a grocery store or farmers market, but the quality absolutely better.


1. Gardyn needs to offer more options for membership levels of ycubes. 10 cubes/month is more than we need. 2. I would like to see a way that in the empty spots you didn't have to put the canisters in because they collect water and build up algae. 3. The canisters also are not that easy to clean. They have some places that are hard to get to. I haven't tried putting them in the dishwasher because the base set doesn't come with any extras and you have to put them back in the unit otherwise you get an error within a few minutes warning you to return the canister. This could be resolved by providing a few extra canisters or providing covers that didn't require the canister to be put in place as mentioned in point number 2.

Tim H's review of Gardyn
4 months ago