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GAME BYTES makes naturally flavored sweet and sour energy gummies with 40mg of caffeine per byte.

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15 days ago

I have a hectic life at work and at home and used to drink coffee and energy drinks but after the initial energy, I crashed and by the evening I was exhausted. The energy bytes are far more cost effective than energy drinks, taste good, don’t stain my teeth and kick in super quickly. I cannot recommend them enough, they have given me my life back in the evenings.

5 months ago

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Energy Bytes' Wild Strawberry packs an energy punch! These portable, low sugar gummies burst with bold, natural flavor, providing an instant energy boost. Perfect for gym-goers and on-the-go lifestyles. A must-try!

a year ago

I’m fed up with all the sugar in my usual Red Bull, I’ve found these Energy Bytes to be a refreshing alternative! P.s. I can’t wait for the new flavours!!


More flavour options

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a year ago

As someone who doesn’t like coffee, these gummies are a great alternative!


More flavours!

a year ago

Hands down the best energy gummies I've tried. I don't like guzzling down energy drinks and am trying to cut down my coffee intake, but am always looking for an extra kick to stay focused and productive into the late afternoon / evening. These are absolutely perfect - one gummy and I'm back on top!


If you're trying to maintain your energy during long work hours, don't hesitate to try these out. Best part is there's no "crash" like I often feel with other coffee / energy products.

2 years ago

Great idea no one else has caffeine gummies.