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2 hours ago

I purchased a few products from them that I love! They have held up over a few years and I use them regularly. IT is a simple yet effective baking pan with a cover that makes it great for cooking and bringing to dinner parties and holidays.

2 days ago

I wanted to like what they have to offer. I recently purchased a Staub petite Dutch Oven for rice, stackable glasses, and a dish drying rack. The dish rack was useless. I opened it too late to return it, but when I went to look at the reviews, I was surprised by the number of 5-star reviews. Food52 makes it incredibly difficult to write a review. I wrote an honest review about a product that looked pretty but was pretty much useless. What dishrack doesn't support plates? What a surprise that my review did not show up on their website. When I wrote them about their dubious business practices, they did not respond. Beware of anything you buy on this site.

8 months ago

I've followed them for years on social media. They come out with some of the best/ most unique recipes that always draw me in. I've purchased a few of their products (called Five Two) that totally level up the kitchen game. They're so thoughtfully designed, with actual bakers and cooks in mind. I have their small oven mitts, and two of their pots. The pots have measuring lines inside (genius) and straining lids so you can drain out that pasta water without using another kitchen item. I've also purchased other fun brands on their shop- but it's so easy to find those products in other places. What sets their store apart are the Five Two products and products make in collaboration between another brand and Food52 (that is uniquely on their site). I don't purchase a lot from them, maybe once a year or less, but it's always high quality.

a year ago

Friends with Food52

Full disclosure, I worked here for a long time and was privy to the inner mechanisms that made our products happen! Years later, there are a bunch that I still use on the daily and rebuy even though I no longer have the employee discount. The original products in the Five Two line are awesome-- the silicone utensils are phenomenal. I've gifted them to many friends and family. The magnetic pot warmers and oven mitts are also amazing. Those are my draft picks! They hold up for years. I also really love the Five Two sauce pan.

a year ago

I purchased the silicone drying rack from this brand last summer, and I must say it was definitely money well spent. The quality is top notch, it does the job, but also has the added benefit of not looking like an eyesore on my counter top. It's also easy to clean and has proven to be a staple in my kitchen.

a year ago

Love Food52’s recipes and products. My partner gifted me a really cute apron from them with built in potholders and so many pockets.


Great site if you want to improving your cooking. Products are expensive but high quality.

6 months ago

My wife and I purchased a pressure cooker from Schoolhouse for over $400. It lasted 10 months before the lid broke. I asked Schoolhouse to send a new lid and they said they only stand behind their products for 30 days. Crappy product and crappy service. We will never purchase from them again. BUYER BEWARE