First Aid Beauty

4.3 41 Reviews

First Aid Beauty creates skin care and makeup products that focus on sensitive skin.

First Aid Beauty Reviews

First Aid Beauty reviews


82% of reviewers would recommend to a friend

Reviews mention

  • Moisturizing hydrating eye cream
  • Effective kp bump eraser
  • Ultra repair cream hydrates
  • Firming cream improves texture
  • May dry out eyes
  • Not suitable for dry skin
  • Might not provide enough moisture
  • Some products not fully absorbed

First Aid Beauty offers a range of skincare products that are highly acclaimed for their moisturizing and cleansing properties. Customers particularly laud the brand's Hydrating Eye Cream, KP Bump Eraser, Ultra Repair Cream and Firming Cream. However, there are mixed reviews on the suitability of these products for dry or sensitive skin, with some users finding certain items lacking in hydration or not being absorbed by their skin.

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41 reviews

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5 months ago

I recently tried First Aid Beauty's Ultra Repair Cream and it is smooth, creamy, and makes my skin soft. I even used it on a mosquito bite and it helped with the itchiness. I will definitely be using this product nightly.

2 months ago

I am so deep in the trenches with First Aid Beauty - I've tried a significant amount of products from their line, and genuinely have yet to find one I dislike. . I am such a loyalist. TBH, I'd buy pretty much everything from them if I could. Top 3 faves & why: 1) Firming Cream - This is my daily facial moisturizer. I slather this bad boy all over my face and neck before putting on makeup. It's extremely moisturizing, I can feel the impact long-term usage is having on my skin's texture/fullness, and it absolutely never irritates my skin. It also sits extremely well beneath makeup as a primer. Hard to explain, but this is one of those products where you can just tell the difference & know it's working. It's enriched with peptides, niacinamide, and collagen. 2) KP Eraser Body Scrub - I've dealt with keratosis pilaris since I was a teen and I can't stand it. For me, my bumps look like soon-to-emerge pimples (even though they're not) and I find it extremely unsightly. This body scrub is a godsend for getting ahead of the pore-clogging before it's too late and flares up. Been using it for years now; it's always in my shower. 10/10 recco for my KP homies. 3) Ultra Repair Oatmeal Mask - This is the most moisturizing & nourishing face mask I have ever used. My face literally feels like fresh baby skin after using. I live in Boston, so in the cold & dry weather, this is a go-to. Moisturizes without making my skin oily, and smells really nice without being heavily fragranced. Love!! TLDR: First Aid Beauty does not miss. HUGE fan. Much love.

Firming CreamKP Eraser Body ScrubUltra Repair Oatmeal Mask

a month ago

Hydration lotion but my skin didn’t absorb it. People LOVE their lotion but it just wasn’t for me.

Ultra Repair Cream

3 months ago

Love their aha/bha lotion and body scrub, and love their colloidal oatmeal skin cream. it's so nice!

5 months ago

Ok! So I bought the first aid beauty weightless liquid mineral sunscreen- I like the product. It looks good and gives a bit of coverage while also protecting my skin from the sun- but oh my gosh. The smell once you get in the sun is awful, awful. I kept trying it several times thinking it had to be something else or the environment I was in. Nope, it just smells so bad when you get in the sun. If I’m indoors most of the day it’s fine. I have no idea what it is but after being outside for 10/15 minutes every single time it gave off the worst smell!

4 months ago

This is a deep cleanser with red clay that helps remove excess oil, unclog pores and purify. I like that it foams up easily, it makes it feel like it's really cleaning everything off my face. It's a thick red gel. You don't need a lot of it either, a little bit goes a long way. It My face always feels clean and refreshed after using this foaming cleanser.

First aid beauty deep cleanser with red clay

3 months ago

I have sensitive combination skin and I love the Ultra Repair Cream! I use it on my face during colder months and it keeps my skin hydrated. I also use it on my body sometimes and it keeps me nice and soft. It's a little pricey for the full-sized bottle, but it definitely works and a little goes a long way so you can try out the mini version and still get a lot out of your purchase.

Ultra Repair Cream

5 months ago

Nothing fancy, but effective and fairly priced. I keep a big tube of the KP Bump Eraser 10% AHA scrub in the shower at all times. It’s a great body scrub and while I’ve tried others, I always come back. I also routinely buy some jars of the resurfacing pads for my teenage son to help keep his skin clear without the mess. He uses and loves them - this is a kid who basically only showers and does nothing else, so they’re easy to use. The formula seems to be a step above drugstore quality. Gentle, but effective.

3 months ago

The ultra repair cream is as good as it says on the tin. Not for every day, but a great one to have on hand.