Farmgirl Flowers

4.2 15 Reviews

Farmgirl Flowers creates fresh floral arrangements that can be delivered coast-to-coast.

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Farmgirl Flowers Reviews

Farmgirl Flowers reviews

15 reviews

4 months ago

Was suppose to get the cosmo bouquet but did not get what the picture showed, very disappointing

2 years ago

Farmgirl Flowers are also a wonderful option for flower gifts for others. They come in a more rustic packaging compared to the Bouqs, so I order from them depending on who I'm gifting the flowers to.

3 years ago

Originally purchased this for my mother and thought the quality and variety was incredible. She was happy along with others I've gifted this to.


I was a bit shocked when the package came direct from Guatemala. I'm not sure how sustainable the brand is from a carbon emission standpoint, but hope they are working to offset the shipping emissions.

3 years ago

Have loved every bouquet that I have gotten from Farmgirl! They come in perfect time for the blooms to open up in your home and the delivery box could not be nicer! I have ordered/received everything from simple bouquets of sunflowers to bouquets that would WOW any wedding guest. They even deliver to some more remote locations where such beautiful flower bouquets are hard to come by (upstate NY). Great gift- super high quality every single time!


Because the flowers are seasonal, the options seem more limited and perhaps more expensive than other sites- but so worth it for the mission and quality.

a year ago

I received a beautiful bouquet of flowers today as a thank you. The flowers were absolutely gorgeous.. They looked like they were picked fresh today. The burlap bag that they are put in adds to the overall look. It is always nice to get flowers but the way these flowers represent in just add it to the experience..


I will order from Farmgirl the next time I send flowers!

3 years ago

I've ordered Farmgirl Flowers many times for friends and family and have received these flowers as a gift myself as well. The packaging is lovely and the flowers are gorgeous. My mother-in-law once received flowers I sent that had been delivered to her house but left on the front step in the middle of winter and they froze before she got to bring them in. I let Farmgirl know and they sent out an entirely new bouquet. Fantastic customer service!

3 years ago

Every time I've ordered flowers from Farmgirl they have been super high quality and beautiful! I also love the partnerships they do to offer special things with the deliveries besides just flowers, such as candy or candles etc.

10 months ago

These bouquets are my go-to, and never disappoint. They are gorgeous and the blooms last longer than other companies I have used. The branding is lovely and the color combinations are unique and sophisticated.

a year ago

I received (after much hunting) the most BEAUTIFUL bouquet from Farmgirl for my anniversary from my husband. The flowers lasted so long and I was able to create many arrangements from the flowers I received.