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Eye Buy Direct sells online affordable, stylish prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses

Eye Buy Direct Reviews

Eye Buy Direct reviews


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6 reviews

5 months ago

Got my recent glasses from Eye Buy Direct and they are great quality. They rapidly adjust to your head and don’t bother just a little bit on the first 2 days wearing them. The color is great and very similar to what you see in the site. Brings a lovely bag that is useful to put them away and also clean the glass.

2 months ago

Love this brand. Speedy shipping and customer service is very receptive to replacements.

9 months ago

I got all of my glasses from Eye Buy Direct and I have been doing so for years. This are good quality glasses available at an extremely reasonable price. All you have to do is get a copy of your prescription from your eye doctor, then go to EyeBuyDirect.com, add in your prescription, and select your fames and lens types. They offer both regular and sunglasses and they have so many color and size options, including allowing you to pick from metal or plastic frames. They even offer Transitions and progressive lenses. They have styles and sizes for me, women, and children. You can do a virtual "try-on" to see what the frames would look like with your face and they often offer BOGO sales. I've never found a better deal than here.

7 months ago

Had a great experience ordering from them! I needed some new sunglasses and found some really cool, affordable options. They are of good quality and look great! Delivery was super fast and love the competitive offers and pricing. 100% recommend.

9 months ago

i have awful eyesight, and my normal pair of glasses cost $450 even with insurance. i tried eyebuydirect after my glasses broke. i found a pair i liked immediately, and within a week i had my new ones. they were only $80 and were thinner than my previous pair! i wear my glasses from eyebuydirect pretty often now, which is shocking considering i used to wear my contacts daily due to headaches from the weight of my glasses (i also have a low nose bridge so i was scrunching my nose to keep them up!) overall highly recommend, they were also able to send a new pair after my initial pair accidentally broke after a few months. they have a 1 yr warranty!

7 months ago

Get all of my glasses from here — cheap, good quality, and great customer service. 3 stars because the shipping time can be terrible. I've had multiple experiences where shipping time takes upwards of two months — or I purchase glasses, then receive an email notifying me the frame is out of stock and I have to choose another.