Endangered Species Chocolate

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Endangered Species Chocolate makes a variety of dark chocolate bars featuring almond and coconut flavors.

Endangered Species Chocolate Reviews

Endangered Species Chocolate reviews


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4 reviews

5 months ago

I really like that the brand supports helping endangered species of animals. The two chocolate bars I've tried I'm mixed on however. The Fudgy Peanut Butter has almost no peanut butter in it. It tastes like good milk chocolate, but it's mostly just that. The Extreme Dark bar I really liked though because it's 88% cacao, and this one delivers.

a year ago

My friend's mom introduced me to this decadent chocolate brand. If you don't like dark chocolate this brand will change your mind. The packaging is beautiful, and the flavors are next-level. My friend's mom keeps these in her bag, and she keeps the kitchen stocked with chocolate bars, but these are one of her favorites. In the picture, we were headed to dinner and stopped to pick these Redbud branches for the vase, and she said, "Would you like some chocolate?