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Doosra makes delicious Indian-inspired snacks with a sweet twist

Doosra Reviews

Doosra reviews


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5 months ago

Friends with Doosra

I was lucky enough to try "The Mix" at a housewarming party where the founder, Kartik, put out a bowl of samples for anyone to try. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed this – I didn't grow up with much variety in flavor beyond the chinese-american palate, but I definitely love savory snacks. I really enjoy the combo of the seasoned chickpea flour puffs + white chocolate. They're growing and starting to get carried at stores like The Goods Mart and Popup Grocer. Similar to chinese culture, Kartik shared that this is a snack you'd typically put out with chai or if you're hosting anyone, and we would always put out nuts or seeds when guests came over. So beyond the snack itself, the story is heartwarming and relatable. Definitely a snack I can see myself putting out whenever friends come over or sneaking into the movie theater. Update: I've had a handful of friends try this now and they all become hooked and ask "where can I buy this?!" and luckily they're stocked in a handful of locations throughout NYC but also available online, so I think that speaks to the product itself.

6 months ago

Such a delicious mix. Perfect salty to sweet ratio, same for the crunch and soft white chocolate bits. Will purchase again.

8 months ago

Influencer for Doosra

I absolutely LOVED the's the perfect combination of savory + sweet. They've certainly perfected the crunch. I also like how the white chocolate bites aren't too overpowering.