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Dimi, a Berlin-based company, sells a variety of cake mixes in jars.


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3 months ago

Love Dimi!! I found them last time I was in Philly and fell in love with their cheesecake! The presentation is awesome and their staff were super nice. Can’t wait to try different offerings next time I am in town.

3 months ago

Nice concept and great taste. In love with the brand!

3 months ago

I love this brand! I found them at the Riverwards in Fishtown and I can't stop buying them! The carrot cake is so smooth and dank. Plus their business model uses sustainable materials, no single use plastic junk. And their design is so cool. I can see them blowing up in the next year. Would recommend 10/10!

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3 months ago

Grabbed one of these while on vacation. Perfect size and yummy! Went back before returning home and got some more to bring back with me. Oh, BONUS ... I have been reusing the jars. Hoping they come to my area.

3 months ago

Dimi is excellent! Highly recommend to anyone!

3 months ago

I've been eating these for awhile and they are one of my favorite, go-to snacks, ideal if, like me, you have a sweet tooth. The vegan carrot cake and raspberry cheesecake are my favorites -- I cannot believe the cream cheese icing is vegan, and the tartness of the raspberry is perfect to balance the creamy cheesecake. Chocolate fudge cake and apple crumble are good though personally I prefer them warmed in the microwave rather than right off the shelf - then it tastes like it just came out of your oven. I am hoping they make a key lime pie or tres leches soon - those would be amazing! Anyways great as a snack when you're in transit or just to have in the fridge for those nights when you really want dessert. They're only like 250 calories, so pretty reasonable size for a yummy treat.

7 months ago

I was at the King Of Prussia location one day. If I didn’t stop dead in front of it to respond to a text, I would have never known it was there. My first thought was maybe a cute baby or wedding shower favor. Since I was throwing both I approach the kiosk. I purchase four different flavors, awful size, for me and my husband to try it when I got home. How disappointed we were. The apple crumb and raspberry cheesecake were so dry and crumbly we stopped after two bites. The carrot cake was decent, but she really couldn’t taste the icing. The chocolate was by far the best of the bunch the calorie count is high, as is the sugar count, so this little snack packs a heck of a punch


The kid working there was great. You could tell he really wanted to help out his friend. Sad thing is you could tell he wasn’t trained properly and knows nothing about sales and marketing. You need someone in there that will approach the customer without hesitation that can sell on the fly. I would imagine that kiosk isn’t cheap to rent. You’re certainly not gonna see any ROI just standing there. Great concept, but the real thing is still better.