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Differin makes skincare products for acne.

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Differin reviews


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4 months ago

After getting off birth control, I started experiencing chronic acne that I have never dealt with before. I’ve tried every product there is on the shelf, and even the dermatologist did not help at all. That is until I discovered Differin gel. It took a few months to see some slight improvements in my skin but the bigggest difference that I’m seeing took about a year. It was a long journey but differin gel truly saved my skin. I do get dryness from it which is why I use it every other day now and make sure to moisturize a lot.

a year ago

I’ve struggle w light acne and sensitive skin, which makes it very hard to find products that work AND doesn’t make me break out. I use both their peroxide face wash and their sunscreen. I highly recommend their sunscreen if you tend to break out!

9 months ago

I use their differin gel, 0.1% It's a retinoid, it works! I've seen a reduction in my acne. 0.3% adapalene also works for me but requires a prescription. Remember to wait out the retinization process, wear sunscreen, and consult your doctor if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.