Cushion Lab

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Cushion Lab makes a variety of memory foam pillows and bedding to promote better sleep and travel experiences.

Cushion Lab Reviews

Cushion Lab reviews


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6 reviews

2 years ago

I've been using their Side Sleeper Knee Pillow, Back Relief Lumbar Pillow, & Pressure Release Seat Cushion daily for a few years now, and I love them. The quality is superb, and there's been no change in the support they provide after continued use. As someone with back problems, I highly recommend it!

10 months ago

I bought the seat and back cushion for my office chair and couldn't be happier. I almost just replaced the chair itself, which would have cost about the same amount, but wouldn't have been nearly as comfy. I was able to notice an immediate difference.

a year ago

I have been using the Deep Sleep pillow and the Pressure Relief seat cushion from Cushion Lab, and I have mixed feelings about both products. While they offer certain benefits, I find that they are both too high for my liking, leading to discomfort and inconvenience. Starting with the Deep Sleep pillow, it falls short of my expectations. When I sleep on my back with this pillow, I often wake up with a sore neck. The height of the pillow pushes my head forward and does not provide adequate support in aligning my neck properly. This has been a recurring issue, and it hampers my overall sleeping experience. Moving on to the Pressure Relief seat cushion, I found the cushion also to be too high for my needs. Instead of providing optimal support, it made me feel like I was sitting on a kids’ booster seat. The elevated height affected my posture and added unnecessary strain to my lower back. It would have been much more beneficial if Cushion Lab offered lower profile versions of their products, as one size does not fit all.

10 months ago

These cushions are highly over-rated and overpriced. I made the mistake of ordering a chair cushion and back support pillow for myself and boyfriend. We decided they weren't worth the money, the chair cushion squishes down a lot and I am only 145lbs, the back cushion didn't squish enough and pushed you forward uncomfortably. I reached out to customer service to initiate a return. Communication was slow and tedious and took multiple messages to accomplish this task. I then discovered that I am responsible for return shipping (unlike other companies). The company offered me a 50% refund to keep the cushions but we chose to return them, they are still too expensive at half price and we didn't like them anyway. I took my cushions to the UPS Store in the original box and they told me it would be $97 to ship them back. Completely absurd. So I took them back home and asked the company if I could purchase return shipping from them directly (as advised from the UPS Store) since they will have a high volume discount. They told me no. So I took them home found a smaller box and compressed them as best I could. Shipped them back using and online postage company for about $40 Do yourself a favor, buy something off Amazon or Walmart that costs $20-$30 and is the same thing. Avoid this scam.

a year ago

The travel neck pillow is probably the best thing I've picked up for business trips. It's gets taller as you rotate it so it's the right height for me whether I want to use it for my chin or cheek. Other pillows have a snap that slips or no snap at all. It also has a little band to hold it all together, which sounds like a no-brainer of why other designs don't have it. It's just well done.

a year ago

I purchased the seat cushion to help with back problems. The cushion actually made my back hurt more so I initiated an RMA. The customer service agent first offered me a 50% refund and I can keep the cushion. Why would I even pay half of the price for something that was painful to sit on? The company does not supply return shipping. They also told me that the cushion had to be in the original packaging. They use an industrial vacuum to shrink the cushion in order to put it into a plastic bag. I am supposed to do by hand what they use a machine for. I went back and forth with customer service. They agreed that I did not have to put it back in the original bag, but said that any damage during shipping would be my responsibility. The worse part of my experience dealing with their customer service was that the day after I paid $15 to ship it back, I was sent a prepaid shipping label. They refuse to refund my shipping and offered me 10% off my next order. There will NEVER be a second order with this company. Best find a knock-off and stay away from