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Customized prescription skin care to your door? Curology's mission is to make effective skincare accessible.

San Francisco, CA, US
David Lortscher
Glenn Lortscher
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Lovely customer supportEasy subscription management πŸ”Custom personalizationTravel friendly ✈️Has no effect 🀷
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I used Curology when my insurance wasn't quiiiiiite good enough to warrant a trip to the dermatologist. Plus, it was pandemic time and I didn't want to go out if I didn't have to. Curology worked, sort of, but I didn't love hearing from a new clinician every time I needed an adjustment. When I got new insurance, I went back to the dermatologist, got different prescriptions, and my acne improved within weeks.

Has no effect 🀷
3 months ago

Curology is a complete scam in my opinion. I went to my general doctor (via app as well, not even in person) and sent them photos of my skin when I had a bad breakout and they were able to prescribe me topicals for <$7. Curology is the exact same thing, except all in one formula, and they charge $65+. Curology is only worth it if you don't have insurance to cover prescriptions. Otherwise, you can easily get the same thing for $7-10 from your local pharmacy.

4 months ago

I was having the weirdest skin freakout and decided to give Curology a try based on a few acquaintance recommendations. The dermatologist they connected me with was super helpful and even excluded one of the active ingredients since I already had a prescription using it as a spot treatment and didn't want to go overboard (I've since added it into my formulation because the topical cream contains peroxide, which bleaches my sheets). A pared down routine plus the prescription has cleared up everything! No regrets. Even some pores that I just considered perpetually clogged are clear most of the time.


I don't LOVE having to take and upload selfies, but I can understand why it's suggested. When I wanted to tweak my formula I noticed a message that seemed to suggest you only get so many free messaging chances with your doc. There doesn't seem to be anything about it on the site though, so I wish that were disclosed more transparently.

Lovely customer supportWorth the money πŸ’ΈEasy subscription management πŸ”Custom personalization
4 months ago

Really solid consumer experience! Quick & efficient. The community element was unique, unexpected, and blew me away. I ended up going into a see a dermatologist in person & they confirmed the prescription was pretty spot on.


I prefer using the different medications separately so that I can moderate the amounts, frequency, time of day. Ended up discontinuing use for more flexibility.

Lovely customer supportInnovative productTravel friendly ✈️
4 months ago

Former Curology subscriber from 2016-2019 The Good: Seamless interface, easy subscription management, simple skincare routine, and helps clear up acne. The Meh: The night cream bottle size (meant to last two months) almost *never* got me the full two months - and I had to reorder it manually to get a new one on time. Nor did they offer the ability to adjust my subscription timings (take a page out of Harry's book please!) The Bad: The bottles were not super well-designed - getting the last bit of the night cream out was always a hassle (a universal problem in skincare, yes) and the day moisturizer bottle (at least in the first year of its launch) was *always* getting stuck. Cannot speak to whether that has been fixed in the past two years. But at the end of the day, Curology is not *truly* custom skincare. It's effectively a higher dose of tretinoin for most subscribers, mixed with some other ingredients, and packaged and branded very nicely. Tretinoin does help quite a bit with clearing up acne (it did help me!) but then your skin ends up getting used to it - in which case, Curology simply ups your dosage. Which can be potentially drying out for your skin. And, more importantly, is not a sustainable skincare regimen. I steer all my friends away from Curology simply because the trick to helping your skin is not to treat or suppress the specific symptoms your skin is exhibiting, but to help you work *with* your skin to improve your skin health. Disclaimer: above thoughts on efficacy of tretinoin and Curology products based on a series of conversations with my brother-in-law (a dermatologist).

Lovely customer supportCool look & feelEasy subscription management πŸ”Fun unboxing πŸ“¦Travel friendly ✈️Has no effect 🀷
4 months ago

Felt like the quiz was really in-depth compared to the actual options you get to buy/get a prescription for. It works well for the convenience and if you're not sure where to get a prescription to try something like Tretinoin, but the whole experience felt lackluster and felt like the main focus was keeping me in my subscription and not fixing my problems. The formula I got worked fine but not anything extraordinary compared to the alternatives out there I've also tested.

5 months ago

I appreciated the convenience of Curology where getting a prescription could be done online in a short amount of time (and easily too).


I wish there was a better way to check in with them and tweak my prescription. For the year or so where I was subscribed, I was intimidated and also kept forgetting to post progress photos and consult with them. Wish there was another way of sharing updates beyond taking photos.

Cool look & feelEasy subscription management πŸ”Custom personalizationHas no effect 🀷
6 months ago