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Culprit makes sustainable underwear that focuses on fit and function for all body types.

Culprit Reviews

Culprit reviews


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2 reviews

a year ago

I was excited to try my new boxers, but was somewhat disappointed. The fabric is very thin and rides up extremely easily, I can’t wear it under anything since it clings to the fabric and bunches up, it works fine as lounge shorts but I wouldn’t reorder


too thin, rides up easily

a year ago

I purchased these two months ago and am really very disappointed with them, mostly because they have a big, honking patch sturdily sewn in the center back. Because of heavy sewing and the thick fabric, combined with an elastic waistband, the patch is extremely scratchy right on the sensitive skin of the lower back. I actually think it’s the corners of the patch, combined with the stitching that is doing it. The band sits at your waist and with clothes, the band bends so the corners of the patch dig into your skin. I’m 150 lbs and 65 years old (not too fat) and have eczema. Removal of the patch is at your own peril because it is structural to the waistband’s integrity. I have been removing the patches, and after removal, the underwear is comfortable. So for this price, I’ve ended up with a lot of expensive underwear I am having difficulty using. The other reviewer is correct, they do ride up the leg, especially in tight pants. I don’t think the fabric is inferior or too thin, and is very comparable to my husband’s boxers. BTW, my complaint to Culprit customer service got no attempt at all to compensate me for the huge wasted expense of this purchase. They simply said “99% like it.”


If you have sensitive skin, this is not the brand for you. My lower back is an itchy mess!