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Cool Beans makes plant-based, canned chick'n LEGS, wings, and nuggets.

Cool Beans Reviews

Cool Beans reviews


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1 review

6 months ago

Received a free product from Cool Beans

I thought the burrito would be good & instead it was dry, and the beans were very crumbly. And for that very reason, I wouldn't tell anyone about this product . I used it for a quick on the go breakfast the burrito was missing something , and the tortilla just stuck to the moistened paper towel. It was super hot even after following the cool off instructions so I kind of burnt myself just trying to separate the tortilla from the paper towel. So that's another reason this product didn't work for me. The things I liked most about this product were the color and the font of the packaging. And the literal and clever wording of the product "Cool Beans" it's like a pun because they are located in the cold or freezer section of the store , and the wraps are made with lentil and bean filling. And lastly, I liked the fact that everything was organic and locally sourced , and didn't use fake vegan meat I appreciated as I am not a vegan and only eat real meat. I wouldn't buy this product and wouldn't recommend it to anyone else for the reasons above.