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Click and Grow sells smartpots that take care of plants automatically with no external assistance needed.

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13 days ago

I have the three plant planter, and it's been a fun way to develop my green thumb in a small apartment space. I've had close to 100% success rate for germinating all my smartpots so no complaints there.

a month ago

Love my click and grow, it is an amazing product, and a great way to have herbs at home. I tend to gravitate towards herbs rather than fruiting plants/lettuce since the yield is quite small. My main critique is that for ~$10 a pack, I would expect all of my plants to sprout. I have had a few failed plants, which for the price is a bit disappointing. I would also hope in the future for some more innovative and sustainable packaging!

smart garden 9

8 months ago

Nice little low maintenance product. I received this as a gift. You just pop in the pods and fill it with water and that is essentially the extent of your effort besides refilling water every week or so. Some plants I've had mixed results with but we had a lot of luck with cherry tomatoes, basil and rose mary. You're not going to get a ton of yield, but for something like herbs it's great.


Three pods tend to be around $10 and free shipping can be found if purchasing through Amazon. The plants will often last 3-5 months before you'd need to replace again.