Califia Farms

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Califia Farms makes plant-based dairy products.

Califia Farms  Reviews

Califia Farms reviews


85% of reviewers would recommend to a friend

Reviews mention

  • Unique, delicious flavors
  • Lack of unnecessary fillers
  • Smooth, non-curdling texture
  • Nutritious, complete drink
  • Oily taste
  • Overpriced products
  • Plastic-like taste from packaging
  • Less creamy compared to competitors

Califia Farms is widely appreciated for its plant-based milk products which are praised for their rich, unique flavors and absence of unnecessary fillers. However, some customers find the products to have an oily taste and consider them overpriced. The packaging also received criticism for imparting a plastic taste to the milk.

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54 reviews

3 months ago

Received a free product from Califia Farms

I've tried two drinks from this brand, but overall I've liked what I've tried. The matcha almond latte doesn't taste overly sweet and instead tastes grassy enough like matcha that I enjoy it. The caffeine level in this is relatively low which is fine. The price for the drink is pretty expensive, but otherwise I would consider getting it again. The complete plant-based milk variety is also very expensive, and I don't see much of a difference between it and other plant-based milks on the market. The taste for this one is also slightly weird and not a favorite. I had to drink it with a flavoring mixed in.

3 months ago

Their chocolate milk, is delicious, and their cold brew is good too. I've had their regular almond milk, but the chocolate milk is so much more memorable.

4 months ago

Love Califia!! Have been using them for years and find them to make reliably fantastic products.

2 months ago

Received a free product from Califia Farms

I enjoyed Califia Farms Complete Plant Milk. I enjoyed that it was nutritious, plant-based, and half the sugar of regular milk. It was creamy, and I'm sure that it would hold up when baking.

3 months ago


It has a slight sweet taste and enjoyable to drink. It is not watery and I didn't see any separation. The package design is unique and makes it easy to find. This is definitely much tastier than any of the plant-based milk I have tried. This also has added nutrients, truly making it a complete and nutritious drink.

3 months ago

Califa has amazing milk! It’s such a great alternative to regular milk

5 months ago

Taste was ok and it wasn’t as creamy as other brands. I didn’t like the oily taste. Won’t buy again as there are way better plant based milks in the market.

4 months ago

I enjoy getting the Califia Farms Cold Brew. The Blonde and Medium roast are my favorite. The cold brew makes my mornings a heck of a lot easier and creates less stress and mess in the kitchen. I love to pair with Nutpods creamer. Delish!

6 months ago

I love this brand . It’s such a great addition to coffee . It makes it taste fantastic.

9 months ago

Califia Farms makes my favorite oat and almond milks. Super creamy and delicious.

10 months ago

The califa farms almond milk barista blend is so delish. Just wish it didn't have cane sugar in it, so that's why I buy their unweetend almond milk instead.

7 months ago

Califia's almond milk strikes a great balance between quality and price. They use simple ingredients, particularly their 3-ingredient almond milk, but some of their competitors charge more. It's my go-to brand when I want a more pure dairy-free milk and am willing to spend a little extra to not have the additives that are in cheaper milks.

7 months ago

Very much mid/just okay. Oatly has the better oat milk, Almond Breeze has the better almond milk. Califia's products have always tasted a bit oily to me.

7 months ago

The Califia Almond Milk varieties are a staple in our house. Without all of the added gums and fillers of other brands, I like that Califia plant-based products still have a good, thick consistency and pure flavor. The Toasted Coconut Almond Milk is especially good for baking, smoothies, or cereal for a subtle yet unique flavor.

10 months ago

If some nice organic whole milk is not available, then I am certainly okay with reaching over for some Califia Farms barista blend oat"milk". Very creamy and nice flavor. Overall pretty solid products.

10 months ago

My favorite almond milk! I think both the taste and the consistency are superior to other brands that I have tried.

a year ago

My favorite almond milk creamer! I’m more of an oat milk girl myself, but if it’s not available at the grocery store I really love Califia almond milk.