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Calgee formulates supplements sustainably harvested from organic algae

Calgee Reviews

Calgee reviews


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7 months ago

I am really fascinated by algae so I ordered some Calgee fish oil supplements. I give these 5 stars ultimately because they are carbon negative and I want to support the scale-up of the algae industry as part of our global fight against climate change. The pros: - Carbon Negative: Can we save the world by taking algae omega-3 supplements? Obviously not. Most fish oil is not even consumed directly by humans, but through farmed salmon feed. So consuming these tablets is a very small step, but nevertheless, a step in the right direction. I’m also optimistic that as demand for algae grows, so too will the science to improve the cost and applicability. - Burpless: Absolutely no fishy taste in my mouth after a month of consumption - Small soft gels: Makes it easy to take - Great customer service: Something was missing from my order and the customer service team found a great solution for me, quickly The cons: - Low DHA/EPA content: Arguably, the amount in two of these soft gels is sort of the lower limit of what we should consume daily. This product will get you what you need, but nothing more. Price point: Given the point above, it’s expensive. Ultimately, I’ll buy these again because I love the idea of these amazing organisms eating CO2 and converting it into our bodies fuel.