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Boxscoop offers a self-cleaning litter box that's modern, fast, and easy to use.

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Boxscoop reviews


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4 months ago

I have two cats who flood their boxes on the regular. One has kidney disease and the other has FlV and diabetes, so I am hoping that this box can stand up to the nonstop peeing. So far the cats have shown zero interest in the box but it's just arrived today and they have been going outside with the dog to pee every couple of hours, so I will see what happens overnight. The box is easy to put together and holds a good amount of litter. (It’s heavy after litter is added so I won’t be moving it any time soon.) The sides seem high enough for the cats not to kick much litter out onto the floor. I've set it up where I can see it and blocked access to their other litterboxes in the basement to see what happens overnight. I chose the XL Curve because one of my cats is almost 20 years old and the other one is 13 pounds and I thought that they could use the step. Besides, the other model is top-entry and neither of my cats has ever used one of those (although it might keep my idiot dog from snacking on cat poop). I have to add that the customer service has been excellent. I had some questions about the box given my constantly peeing special-needs cats and James responded right away with helpful suggestions. Update: Success! Both cats used the litterbox overnight. It was easy to pick up the clumped urine with the scoop that attaches nicely to the unit, so I can retire the scoop caddy that I have been using for years. (It's nasty!) So yes, I am very happy with this product. so far.