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BOXFOX delivers personalized gift boxes to your door from small businesses across the US.

BOXFOX Reviews

BOXFOX reviews


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3 reviews

5 months ago

I have used BoxFox to send gifts as well as received a box myself. It's great for gifting those who don't live nearby. I've used it to send to my co-workers, but would definitely use for family and friends as well. It's not the cheapest box company, but I like that they have a really large selection of well-curated items and it comes in high quality packaging. The only thing that threw me off a bit last time I used it was that I thought I was staying within a certain price range, but once all the tax, shipping, etc costs were added it was a bit more than I expected. I was doing an order of several unique boxes to multiple addresses and I didn't realize how much the shipping would be for each. I had spent a long time curating each box, so it wasn't enough for me to abandon, but I wish I could have better understood the final price as I was building.

5 months ago

I am at the point in my life where someone is getting married or having a baby about every other weekend and BOXFOX has been my absolute saving grace time and time again! Everything about BOXFOX screams classy and elegant from the incredible offerings and curated boxes to the handwritten notes and stunning presentation. Recently I thought about venturing out and trying something new and, let me tell you, BOXFOX is hands down the best in the business when it comes to curated gifting. Everything else looks so cheesy in comparison. I will forever use BOXFOX for all of my gifting needs!

5 months ago

Love everything about BOXFOX! I gift these to my clients after every campaign. It's super easy to choose and personalize boxes I send so that the gifts never feel boring or repetitive. They also have great customer service and have helped me whenever I need to expedite orders. I've also purchased this as personal gifts for my family. My mom requests one for every major holiday!