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Blondery, a virtual bakery, delivers a distinctive collection of handmade blondies and layer cakes using carefully-sourced ingredients.

Blondery Reviews

Blondery reviews


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3 reviews

2 years ago

Based on the variety pack I received, I am planning on ordering more! The blondies were the perfect bite-size & were just enough to satisfy a sweet tooth. I could clearly tell each flavor apart -- I think the pecan salted caramel was my favorite (and that says a lot since I am obsessed with chocolate). The Brooklyn Blackout was a close second. I think these would make for a perfect treat to send someone since the pack came in an airtight seal so they were fresh upon eating.


I would like the option to pick your variety. I see a couple flavors throughout the site that I would combine if given the choice.

2 years ago

The packaging is beautiful! The brownies also felt freshly-baked - I'm impressed! My favorite flavors were Cinnamon Sugar and Pecan and Salted Caramel. Brooklyn Blackout and Birthday Cake were also good but they had a slight coconut taste which isn't my favorite, but others might like :)

a year ago


Saw on cbs this morning, waited forever for order. 8 dollars for two little bites is a little over the top . The pecan was good but not as good as they were saying on tv. What a ripoff. The other flavors blah! Too much wasted packaging also. I thought I was opening jewelry.