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Bevel makes personal grooming products that are focused on the needs of black men.

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I love the overall look of this brand, and the products are nice! I have used the shaving cream and pre-shave oil and it worked great, however it did leave quite a residue. Felt like a waterproof shield, which does aid in it's claim to prevent ingrown/bumps... but i still got ingrowns.

Cool look & feel
4 months ago

After years of razor bumps from multi-blade razors, I decided to give Bevel's single-blade razors a try. I love Bevel's mission. And their marketing made me feel seen and heard. I was so accustomed to seeing products for black men merchandised at the bottom of shelves in my local CVS. Buying grooming products always felt like a second-rate experience. And even the marketing and branding of those products didn't make me feel good about using them. When I discovered Bevel I was immediately drawn to the simple single-razor design, sleek packaging, and the genuine story. Their razor and shave cream products worked great and I felt good about using them. That said, I canceled my Bevel subscription a few years back because it was expensive. The company pushed their subscription package, shave kits, face washes, etc. way too much and I was tired of having to keep up with it. It ended up being easier to just go to the store to get what I needed. I also didn't feel like my razor bumps were a big enough issue to warrant what I was paying for Bevel. And my barbers didn't recommend using Bevel to solve issues of razor bumps so it felt like I was paying more for a story than a product that was adding real value to my health and morning routines. Overall, I would definitely be willing to try Bevel again but it would likely need to be at a lower price point or for a different product offering.


The Good - Black-owned (previously at least; now P&G) - Simple design - Sleek packaging - Great story and educational site content The Bad - Prohibitively expensive - Too much upselling - Their subscription always left me with more supply than I needed

High qualityCool look & feelAmazing websiteLove the brand's mission 💕
5 months ago

The bevel razor was my first foray into safety razors and I tried out all the accompanying products as well and everything was really great. It wasn't the best products I've tried but didn't have any complaints. I haven't tried their products again since the acquisition (didn't love the packaging changes on the products) but I hope the quality hasn't fallen.

Cool look & feelSustainable products
a year ago