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Bellway makes a range of 100% natural fiber supplements.

Bellway Reviews

Bellway reviews


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2 reviews

5 months ago

Received a free product from Bellway

I have only tried the vanilla flavor of their protein powder, but I thought it was alright. This mixed thicker than I was expecting as opposed to a lot of other mix-ins still being watery. I liked the vanilla taste of it and the fact that it contains a lot of protein. Personally I wasn't interested in the fiber aspect, so I can't speak on the effectiveness of that.

5 months ago

I've read great things about taking Psyllium Husk, so it's nice to see it as the main ingredient in this product that's in stores whereas it used to be very hard to find, only available online or from select healthfood stores. It is a very weird substance to take, the consistency has always made me... Well .. gag but supplements aren't always going to be enjoyable. I thought this would be easier than taking plain Psyllium Husk but I'm not sure that the added flavor and sweetness really does anything for me, it might help for some people though