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Beeya Wellness offers a subscription nutrition supplement to provide women with natural, hormone-balancing nutrients during their period.

Beeya Wellness Reviews

Beeya Wellness reviews


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1 review

a year ago

This is going to be added to the very very short list of products that I probably will continue to use for the rest of my life. For context, I've had such painful periods and horrible hormonal side effects that I've been put on legitimate pain killers, done continuous birth control for years to avoid periods, and even have been offered surgical intervention. I went off of continuous birth control about 1.5 years ago because of the other nasty side effects, and I've been trying almost every holistic treatment/solution out there. This is quite literally the ONLY one that has worked! To the point that other people in my life have even noticed. I went from missing work, downing pain killers, and being basically immobile for 5 days, to having some mild cramping and general fatigue (and maybe a little mood swing here or there) but otherwise fine for 2 days of my period now. My bleeding levels are about the same, but my experience is totally totally changed! I definitely like the taste of the lighter P1 seed blend, but even the P2 seed blend works as a savory salad, rice bowl, or egg dish topper. If blended in smoothies it basically just tastes earthy. Which is SO WORTH the impact on your health without serious side effects! Beeya fan for life. Number one hype girl.