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BedJet makes the best-selling cooling and warming sleep system for beds.

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6 months ago

Bedjet has been a lifesaver in the heat of 100 degree summer days. We use the bedjet device along with a single zone cloud sheet and couldn't be happier. It keeps my husband and I nice and cool during the hot summer nights and snuggly warm during the colder winter evenings. Pros: There is a wonderful lightweight feeling that it provides when the cloud sheet has air pumping through it. It is incredibly relaxing in both hot and cold times. The included app allows you to program times throughout the night and morning when the air will kick in, and at what temp it will be. It really does make a difference in the natural sleep/wake cycle of the body. Cons: In regards to cooling, it is only able to use the air that is in your home, which means it isn't pumping air-conditioner cooled air into your sheets. The whole system can be pretty pricey. We did notice our energy bill had a bit of an uptick after we started using it.