Bed Threads

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Bed Threads makes collections of pure flax linen bed sheets and duvet covers.

Bed Threads Reviews

Bed Threads reviews


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5 reviews

3 months ago

These are the best bed sheets, I wish I never had to sleep on anything else. The linen is just so beautiful, and the colour choices are stunning. I love how they look and how they feel, and they last so long - I've had one of my sets for 5 years and it's still in great condition. They're an investment, but they're definitely worth it.

a year ago

This was the first brand I tried for linen sheets and I was so surprised! They wash so well (cold water, gentile cycle, line dry) and really get softer after every wash. The colors are perfect and I've really enjoyed adding to my collection!

a year ago

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I see advertisements all the time and am always tempted to buy but have always been turned off by the price. I recently moved and wanted to have a better room presentation. All I can say is they are WORTH it I am obsessed. I even referred to my sister to purchase and she’s just as obsessed.

a year ago

Loooove my linen sheet set in lilac. The color is gorgeous in person and incredibly soft even from the package (getting softer with every wash). I went with all lilac but love the option of mixing and matching different colors (and it's nice that you can buy individual items if I wanted to mix and match colors in the future). My only comment is that the sheets sort of shed a lot/create a lot of dust in my room but hopefully that subsides the longer I use them.

a year ago

I was 100% influenced by Caroline at @caro_beth She had bed threads sheets so I decided to give the set a try! Mainly also because they have amazing colors and much more fun that parachute or brooklinen. I chose the Lavender shade. The feel is so soft! I am obsessed and would 100% buy again and again.