Balanced Tiger

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Balanced Tiger makes protein bars featuring adaptogenic mushrooms to boost energy levels, improve cognitive function, and relieve stress.

Balanced Tiger Reviews

Balanced Tiger reviews


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7 reviews

3 months ago

Received a free product from Balanced Tiger

I tried the Vanilla Chai flavor from this brand. It tastes good but not amazing good. The bar has a soft texture that I like. The amount of protein is alright. I don't know if it really gave me energy or reduced stress, since I ate it during a stressful day at work on a holiday weekend. The bar is decent, but I would need to try it again to know if it necessarily worked.

4 months ago


It doesn't taste like chocolate or brownie to me. There's a slightly bitter taste for some reason. The texture is okay - soft to chew like a bar, but not soft like a brownie. My stomach was bit bloated. That might differ depending on your microbiome. I'd try it again to see if it is my body or something else that I had ate.

2 years ago

It tasted a bit like a mix between the powdery/chewiness of a Quest bar and the ingredients/chopped nuts of an Rx bar. Taste-wise didn't love it, but can appreciate the whole ingredients and 11g of protein. Don't think I felt much of a difference in terms of the mushrooms, but I've yet to find a mushroom product that does have an impact.

a year ago

Love these bars and the added benefits! I don't usually like bars, but always have these stocked in my apartment for an easy snack or breakfast to take on the go.

2 years ago

One of my favorite on the go snacks. I recently took the BAR Exam and lived on these everyday. They were my favorite study snack. The flavor is really what I look for when eating and I love how these taste. By the end of my study sessions, all my friends at the library starting buying these protein bars too.

2 years ago

These bars are incredible! Full of flavor and I always end up wanting more! My favorite is the chocolate chip cookie dough one. Once I eat it I am full of energy and get so much done. I typically eat these for breakfast to get my day started! If you’re looking for something to fill you up and give you energy, this is the bar for you!!!!!

2 years ago

I actually love these bars, which is a bold statement that I never thought I'd make because I'm not a fan of protein bars. I love the texture, the fact that they have real ingredients and are low in sugar. I have to disagree with the other review that is left about feeling the mushroom effect... If you do some research on mushrooms, you have to consume them consistently to feel the effect - just like anything else you consume for health benefits. I feel great when I eat the bars - my favorite has to be Chaga brownie. I have a huge sweet tooth and when I don't want to have a super unhealthy sweet treat in the middle of the day, this satisfies that craving while also keeping me full. I've been purchasing these bars for months now and I highly encourage others to try them - you may get as addicted as I am! 10/10


I would love some additional (new) flavors to try!