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Away is the original travel lifestyle brand, defining travel for a new generation.

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Away Reviews

Away reviews

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  • Incredibly sturdy construction
  • Highly mobile and lightweight
  • Stylish and functional design
  • Responsive and helpful customer service
  • Easily scuffed exterior
  • Somewhat cheap interior
  • Problems with handle quality
  • Inconvenient battery for airlines

Away is a well-regarded luggage brand noted for its durability, stylish design, thoughtful features, and responsive customer service. The suitcases are praised for their high capacity, lightweight properties, and smooth-rolling wheels. However, they are quite costly and have been criticized for their easily scuffed exterior, somewhat cheap interior, and problems with the handle quality. Some users also find the suitcases' sizes not always meeting airline requirements and the battery in some models inconvenient due to airline safety regulations.

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1,201 reviews

24 days ago

I have several of the travel duffels. I hesitated purchasing for some time because of the price and every duffel I’ve owned has torn, broken or otherwise ruined. So glad I finally took the plunge - have traveled by air, boat, bus, train and car with it and looove it. I have the middle size and it fits enough for 4-5 days. Buy this bag!

23 days ago

Amazing product! First hard shell suitcase I’ve used, and I’m a fan.

4 days ago

Sturdy, nice looking, reliable luggage! The wheels are perfect - no more stressing when you are filling off an airplane with people waiting behind you!

3 days ago

nice product, but steep price for something that isn't *that* special or different. The carry on (basic one) is super small but yet, not small enough for some airlines so that was kind of annoying - not their fault though

2 days ago

I bought my first set of Away suitcases (Large Carry-on and Large) back in 2016 and both have held the test of time! I don’t baby them by any means and they just as good as the day I got them (a few scruffs here and there). I love the 360 wheels, the built in lock functions, and the complimentary laundry bag haha. I know some people aren’t happy with the wheels but Ive never had any issues. The suitcases function beautifully, I have no complaint!

7 days ago

N/a i purchased

I love my Away suitcase. I like that the two sides are so spacious, I can fit so much into the suitcase. I take it everywhere with me and it rolls very easily. I wish that the suitcase didn't scratch so easily though.

17 days ago

Invested in Away

very practical and cute suitcases!

17 days ago

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE EVERYTHING BY AWAY TRAVEL!!!!! Yes I use all caps when excited and passionate🤣🤗. I have many Away travel items, from the "bigger carry-ons" to "the Large" hard side luggage, to their gorgeous leather duffles and packing cubes, they have a fantastic small items case that's no longer sold but you can buy from second hand sites that are great for cables and fragile travel items. We travel the world (my hubby is a pilot) and these products have withstood ALOT! The only issue with them is now everyone has them, and since away only makes certain colors, wrong-bag mix ups cam happen🤦🏼‍♀️. I've heard of it happening many times sadly. However, what I have done to prevent this from happening to me is get in Amazon and buying plastic protectors for all my suitcases, gel colorful handle grips and fun bag tags💁🏼‍♀️. Not only to the bag covers protect your luggage but they prevent rain from getting through at the zipppers. If you want a link for any suitcase accessories please reach out in IG🤗💖. I can't recommend this company enough, their bags have lifetime warranties and they have good customer service (sometimes it can take a bit to get through to someone but once you do they are very helpful). I hope this helps and happy travels!!!! IG: FashionAddict11_11

3 months ago

EXPENSIVE. function but not really worth the price when my suitcase got banged up during a flight and had marks on it from the damages

5 months ago

So sleek and easy to pack. I often run into issues with my cloth luggage not fitting in the overhead space on the airplane - but never with my away luggage. Additionally, the luggage is so sleek and stylish and is almost a fashion accessory. Finally, a friend mentioned how they wipe their luggage with a disinfectant wipe after travel & I never thought to do that. After getting the away luggage, I started doing it and was disgusted that I had never done it before. The luggage’s texture and material make it so easy to clean!

4 months ago

I suppose it's basic, but I do really like my Away. I want to upgrade to a Rimowa, but the added weight of the aluminum makes it hard to justify--my away is so light! My handle broke recently and they repaired it for free.

3 months ago

I purchased the carryon in a light blue as a gift around 2018, and that person travels a few times a year (4x?) and it has held up really nicely for them. My personal belief is that Away really changed the game for cool and practical/useful luggage, and that's why the competitor market is so full. I appreciate that they stand by their products, but overall try and see what works for you. (I'm also someone that believes checked bags should be affordable, because they get abused the most. Love a good carryon though)

4 months ago

Suitcase is functional and nice looking. Charger is a good idea if u remember to keep it charged before traveling.

5 months ago

5 stars so far! I've always bought luggage from TJ maxx or Marshalls and it finally broke. I'm at the point in my life where I feel like I can invest in new, nicer pieces. I did a ton of research into what carry on I wanted and I ended up back at Away! The long term reviews are rave and the customer service seems amazing over time as well. I have used it on a few trips and have really enjoyed it. The color is unique and fun and the inside storage is great. I am very happy thus far!