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22 days ago

I've had an away bag for six years now, and I LOVE it! The smaller carry-on features help me fit everything I need for a shorter trip, while looking chic.

3 days ago

Very pricey but honestly worth the price. I give it a 4/5 simply because of the cost, but they are very nice, durable, and stylish. Love all the colors and they often have holiday sales and deals to offer. Still too pricey for me, but it’s a great gift for anyone!

17 days ago

I've been using AWAY for 6 or so years. I've had a few issues with my suitcases in that time and they have been quick to replace broken parts or and entire suitcase with no questions asked. I'm a fan.

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a month ago

Away Luggage has been met with mixed feelings in my experience. While the variety of vibrant colors offered is visually appealing, I cannot overlook the disappointment I feel regarding the overall quality. The luggage feels relatively cheap and there is a constant worry that it may break easily or not withstand rough handling during travel. One positive aspect is undoubtedly the range of attractive color options available, allowing for some personalization. However, it is worth noting that the popularity of Away Luggage means there is a greater chance of other travelers having the same bag. This can lead to a higher risk of mistakenly picking up someone else's bag or having your own luggage easily blend in with the crowd. Away Luggage may have some aesthetic appeal, I find myself unimpressed with the quality and durability.

11 days ago

I love love love my Away suitcase. It's technically the carry on but some airlines won't accept it, so I use it as a checked suitcase. I really love it. I've rolled it through the streets of Europe and NYC and it can handle both very well. I recommend this all the time to my traveling friends!

9 hours ago

Absolutely worth the hype. I love my suitcase and I'll never go back. The dual compartments make it super easy to pack and stay organized and I've been able to take my larger cary-on, on week long trips with ease. Customer service is helpful too and replaced a broken battery for me at no charge. My one complaint is that it is so popular you have to be on the lookout at the airport. The odds someone else has the same bag are high.

7 days ago

I purchased The Large Away Suitcase in Orchid and so far I am really love it. It has been a great purchase so far. My only compliant is that due to being a lighter color, if does scuff very easily and is a little on the harder side to keep clean. I did buy a cover to help but is not the most attractive option.


19 days ago

Love my away suit case! I had one for about 7 years. Once the shell finally broke I mailed mine back to store and received a brand new one shortly after. It was incredibly easy!

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a month ago

Received a free product from Away

THE WHEELS. they make such a difference. the built-in charger is cooler in theory --some airlines have made me take it out in the past?! -- but basically you can run through an airport peacefully with an Away bag and not get derailed by your bag flipping over constantly. well engineered.