Agaric Fly

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Agaric Fly makes a range of natural incense.

Agaric Fly Reviews

Agaric Fly reviews


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2 years ago

This incense makes my space feel like a palace. I'll often place an unlit stick on the tray before I leave the house so the vibes are already set and fresh when I return home. Easy burning, elevated, a true sensualist's dream. Since I first met Agaric Fly at Colbo, I haven't used any other incense. I just haven't found a brand with a better, cleaner collection of scents. The price point and the fact that it's hard to find locally makes me generally burn less incense. When I do find it locally, I get at least 3 packs of Bolaji Badejo and one or two 'special occasion' scents. So fun to send friends and guests home with a few sticks too!


The burn time is slightly shorter than incense I've used in the past and I like that it doesn't make my space too smokey!