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1733 Bags makes collections of high-quality bags in a range of unique styles released every month.



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a year ago

Friends with 1733

Amazing, super high quality bags that are made at a tiny workshop in Chicago, IL. The amount of care they put into sourcing, construction, and design is extremely apparent, and the owner couldn’t be nicer.

a year ago

Wonderful bags, but Phil the owner is extremely short via communication and comes off as rude. At times it takes multiple inquires and follow ups to get a full sentence response. It’s tough because Phil makes fantastic bags, but the jerk like demeanor ruins my excitement for future drops.


Have someone else handle customer inquiries. Phil’s attitude is extremely unprofessional by his communication style.

a year ago

TLDR: Some of the best built, forward thinking, unique, cool, bags out there. One of the most interesting companies I’ve discovered. These bags are hard to top. Designs are unrivaled by most companies I’ve seen. Always pushing forward innovation in materials within existing designs, and constantly creating new exciting ones. I currently have a tote and a waste pouch and they get used frequently for daily and travel situations. I also have the collaboration hat with Liteyear and it’s now my go to for travel. The constant collaborations 1733 does continue to introduce me to new and equally interesting brands. 1733 feels like one of the best kept secrets out there, but I only see them continuing to grow and do big things.


Would love to see a larger Daily Tote design, as well as a 30-32L non rolltop backpack design. More camp oriented items (Helinox style chairs/tables) and bike items.