• Fondfolio

    Amira D 1 Review

    2 years ago

    I bought the Fondfolio for my brother during his wedding - which had to be reduced mid pandemic. Though the bridge and groom were not able to have more of their community present, the book served as a light for them as it was a way to include many of the voices that were missing. It was such a unique and innovative way to allow people to express their love for the couple and record fond memories. Since then the book has traveled on their honeymoon and is a constant on their desk at home. They love returning to it and sharing it with others.


    I'm so appreciative of the creators help in organizing everything and making sure it arrived on time, despite our quick turnaround. You can customize the questions people are asked, though I didn't realize that until after and went with the template questions. It's a great feature to use so make sure to use it!