Hailie H 1 Review

    2 years ago

    Kissamo provides a large selection of uniquely chic designs which stand the test of time. They most definitely have a tag that screams your pets’ names. But more likely, you’d want them all ;p Some of the designs I feel most drawn to - the Wolf and Moon tags, turned out to be also 100% environmental-friendly (made with recycled acrylic & reusable packaging). Very impressed with the brand’s mission and quality. The details are excellent - how the designer constructs her ideas with colors, textures and shapes. Totally safe for even the most enthusiastic/mischievous pups (kittens?) to wear. You can see how much thought has been put into each and every tag.


    Let the special occasions tags / merch more available on the website. Love how you can stack up the mini tags even the regular tags. So much fun for daily wear dress up (with a tan leather collar) or down (on a reflective water-proof collar).