Monta Monica N 1 Review

    2 years ago

    The product packaging feels premium yet sustainable. No unnecessary plastic was used. The glass is heavily tinted glass, which I appreciate to keep the product fresh for the longest possible. I started taking the drops during a stressful week in my life when I felt a bit under the weather and under lots of pressure at work. And to my surprise, the blocked nose, low energy, and irritability decreased from Day 2 onwards. I felt more energetic, positive, inspired to take on new challenges. It exceeded my expectations. The flavour is a bit tickling to the throat in the beginning, but I started liking the herbal flavour mix and now look forward to my next dose. I'd re-order the Drops once this first one runs out - but the product is so well-dosed that this first bottle will probably last me a couple of months. I'd recommend the Defence Drops to get you through the dark, rainy, cold patch of winter.


    Nothing I can think of. The drops do their job beyond my expectations. I feel the product benefit from the start of using it. The product is well-packaged and well-formulated. The bottle feels nice to touch and use. The 1-minute mouth hold is a lovely addition to my daily routine.