Week 46, 2020:
Brands spotted

This week we've spotted alcohol-free wines, beers and ciders, artist-designed wallpaper and indoor-grown strawberries.

We've also seen two brands that suggest sales of hand-washing products will keep going strong. Just-launched Dally, which has been in the making for three years, is using packaging to make sure its hand washes stay top of mind (and in full view on your bathroom or kitchen counters). Meanwhile, Paume's range of gentle hand sanitisers is addressing the pandemic-era problem of perpetually dry hands with a formula that contains essential oils and emollients. The hand sanitiser market is expected to keep growing far beyond the pandemic, with a compound annual growth rate of 38.4% between 2019 and 2027 predicted by Reportlinker.


Alcohol-free drinks designed to mimic wines, ciders and beers.


Dally celebrates a slower-paced lifestyle. We craft our goods with attention to detail & a spirit that has a “loose understanding” of time.


Bright, sweet strawberries grown all year round.


Wnder is a new chocolate brand defining modern chocolate. Inspired by the Age of Wnder. Modern chocolate is about doing the right thing.


Plug-and-play furniture designed in Helsinki.


Direct-to-consumer wallpaper, designed by contemporary artists.

Jones Road Beauty

An edited collection of high-performance, clean beauty products created by makeup artist and entrepreneur Bobbi Brown.


Freestar is a IPA-style lager with a citrus edge. It's unique production process emits 90% less Co2 than other beer production methods.


Nourishing hand sanitizer that's better for your skin and the planet. Plant based emollients, an indulgent scent, and sustainable packaging.


A beauty brand launched by Scottish YouTuber Jamie Genevieve.

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