Week 45, 2020:
Brands Spotted

This week, we've spotted coffee that's kept in the freezer, a toothpaste dispenser and make-at-home bread kits.

We also saw two brands that are channeling the "new normal" when it comes to apparel. First, Bioromper has created what can essentially be described as an anti-Covid suit, which covers the whole body and is coated in an anti-microbial finish. Next, LesJour has launched with a range of 1970's inspired knitwear, that's made from a type of washable viscose that it says feels like cashmere – and is smart enough to slouch around the house in, or to have a Zoom call with your boss.


The best coffee, ground and brewed on its best day, frozen in a perfect state of deliciousness, ready to be melted by you.

Dough Dealer

Easy to make Bread Kits with quality first ingredients sourced from small and farmer-founded companies. Bake bread with us.


OffCourt is an athletic personal care brand that creates performance products for active lifestyles.

Good One

Craft hard sodas made with fresh, natural and raw ingredients. Unique and interesting flavours. Low cal, low carb, vegan and gluten free.


Inspired by the leisure suit of the 70’s, LESJOUR! is a sustainable mix-and-match brand perfectly suited for the era of biz-leisure.


Elevated teeth-whitening products, made with a patent-protected formula.


Meet Tabu. Mother Nature's answer to sex and menopause. It's all natural, never crude, and designed for women who age.

Better & Better

Premium natural, vegan toothpaste with organic ingredients and vitamins in a 45% less-plastic pouch.


Feel better while you're on the move with BioRomper, a head-to-toe body suit made with recycled, antimicrobial fabric.

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